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/ Pharmacie 100 ans d'excellence

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Simon Matoori


Professeur adjoint

Faculté de pharmacie

Courriels (Travail)


  • Assistant professor at Faculté de Pharmacie (Université de Montréal. QC, Canada) since 2021

  • Postdoctoral studies in Bioengineering with Prof. David Mooney (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA), 2019-2021

  • PhD in Drug Formulation and Delivery with Prof. Jean-Christophe Leroux (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), 2014-2018

  • BSc and MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, MSc Medicinal Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), 2008-2014

    • Federally licensed hospital and community pharmacist in Switzerland

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Advanced Formulation Science Lab

The Matoori Lab is a highly translational lab providing bioengineered solutions for clinically relevant challenges. We combine vesicular reaction compartments, hydrogels, and therapeutic proteins to create transformational diagnostic and therapeutic formulations. We actively collaborate with our partners in clinical research and practice to identify needs, develop patient-centric systems, and prove concepts.

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