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Davide Brambilla discute de l'impact de la COVID-19 sur la recherche

Il a été invité à le faire par la revue scientifique ACS Chemistry of Materials.

Voici sa réflexion :

As a son of a health professional in the red zone in Italy, I was rapidly aware of the seriousness of the infection. Nonetheless, the pandemic materialized as a storm when, from one day to the other, we had to shut down the laboratory and stop all nonessential experiments. After the initial phase of disorientation, the first work-related thoughts went to the teaching, the graduate students and their projects. While for undergraduate classes the Université de Montréal rapidly reacted and provided support to generate online classes, for the research, the initial stress slowly converted in the recognition that this could be a great opportunity to review and better plan our projects. Now, after a month of the home-office, I feel that this forced shutdown brought me out of a working routine, and made me appreciate even more the importance of our profession. Scientific research is the only actual weapon we have to fight this infection and to prevent or give a rapid response to future ones. Deeply, I hope this pandemic will teach us all something, and that the opinions of scientists will receive higher consideration by the society and the decision-making institutions.

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