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Administrative and Support Staff

Support staff work with the Faculty to accomplish its objectives. They contribute to excellence in teaching, research, and human resource management, in addition to enriching our workplace.

For contact details, please visit the UdeM directory.

Executives and Professionals

Ascargorta, Damien, Coordinator, Supervision of Faculty Exams 

Bélisle, Suzie, Assistant to the Vice-Dean for Research and Studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Boisclair, Isabelle, Program Manager QeP, Head of the Accreditation Committee
Bouthillier, Pascale, Internship Coordinator
 and Team Leader
Bulon, Caroline, Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Cadieux, Marie-Josée, Laboratory Manager
 - Pharm. D.
Champagne, Michèle, Administrative Clerk

Charmoille, Sandrine, Assistant to the Dean

Chouinard, Marilyne, Academic Affairs Coordinator
Danis, Guillaume, Recruiting Officer
Dao, Amélie, Internship Coordinator
Dion, Philippe, Communications Advisor

Dorion, Véronique, Internship Director

Dubois, Nathalie, Specialist in Continuous Program Evaluation
Duval, Shelley, Internship Supervisor
Fasano, Caroline, Internship Coordinator

Fossois, Laurent, Philanthropic Development Advisor, Alumni and Donor Network
Gagnon, Audrey, Remedial Teacher
Gagnon, Sylvie, Chief Administrative Officer

Gaudreau, Mathieu, Internship Supervisor
Gendron, Martin, Academic Consultant - Pharm. D.
Grondin Sophie, Laboratory Manager - Pharm. D.
Hudon Germain, Laurie, Laboratory Manager - Pharm. D.
Ilie, Mihaela, Assistant to the Executive Director
Jacques, Alexandre, Laboratory Manager - Pharm. D.
Jahshan, Caroline, Social Worker
Lamoureux, Stéphanie, Laboratories coordinator - Pharm. D., QeP, BSBP, MPA
Larocque, Marie-Ève, Laboratory Manager - QeP
Leclerc, Gilles, Technology-enhanced Learning Consultant

Lemay Réjean, Program Manager - MPAA and Continuing Education Branded Courses
Luong, Thinh Man, Laboratory Manager
 - QeP
Martel, André, IT Manager
McNabb, Fée-Ann Chapman, Advisor to the Program Manager Pharm.D.
Meunier, Pascale, Internship Manager

Nanni, Josiane, Financial Analyst
Nessim, Névine, Academic Consultant - BSBP

Oliveira-Jesus, Karen, Logistics Coordinator - Centre FOCUS
Pinard D'Amours, Geneviève-Anne, Laboratory Manager - Pharm. D.
Proulx, Lise, Senior Advisor, Alumni and Donor, Network of the Major Donations
Simard, Julie, Internship Coordinator
Valma, Joannah, Academic Consultant – QeP
Vincent, Rachel, Multimedia Coordinator
Wague, Ahamada, Study Management Advisor, DESS and Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Wayland, Joanne, Events Coordinator

Support Staff

Allaire, André, Administrative Clerk

Bernier-Trudel, Luc Junior, Clerk
Bouchard, Catherine, Office Clerk
Buisson, Catherine, Office Clerk - Programs
Carmelia Lopes, Ilda, Student File Management Clerk
Chahid, Amine, Computer Technician
Choquette, Gynette, Student File Management Clerk
Dallacasa, Sophie, Office Clerk - MPA
Desert, Lenickson, Office Clerk - Office of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Desrochers, Josée, Laboratory Technician
Dossa, Senamy Cindy, Office Clerk
Girard Martine, Office Clerk - Office of the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Guilbert, Manon, Office Clerk - Dean's Office
Lafleur, Phania, Student File Management Clerk - Pharm.D., QeP
Lam, Marie, Administrative Clerk 
Larathe, Myldred, Student File Management Clerk

Lazarova, Galina, Secretary, Welcome and exams

Levesque, Lyne, Secretary
Lorion, Johanne, Office Clerk

Marcoux, Alexandre, Laboratory Assistant

Ougouti, Naouel, Laboratory Technician
Plante, Richard, Laboratory Assistant
Poirier, Christiane, Student File Management Clerk - BSBP
Rambhujun, Bhavna, Administrative Technician
Régis, Mylène, Secretary
 - Internships
Sanchez, Manuel, Student File Management Clerk - Pharm. D.
Tabarkevych, Svitlana
, Laboratory Assistant


Update: September 12, 2023