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Research Activities

The research conducted at the Faculty of Pharmacy is built around a global theme: pharmacotherapy optimization. The primary goal is to develop targets, tools, and approaches for improved customization and optimal use of medication therapies.

Research activities cover the full continuum of drug development, including preclinical study, clinical research, and population-based research. Research activities are organized along four research axes:

Medications and Population Health

Activities conducted in this research axis focus on medication use (determinants, benefits, risks and economic impacts) and on evaluating specific interventions designed to optimize its use. Research axis website

Therapeutic Target Discovery and Validation

Activities conducted in this research axis focus primarily on understanding physiopathological mechanisms, as well as identifying and validating therapeutic targets. Biological and chemical approaches based on cell models and various animal models are used, including transgenic approaches.

Pharmacometrics and Pharmacotherapy

A main purpose of this research axis is to understand sources of variability and predict their impact on drug response through the use of pharmacometrics. Pharmacometrics is a scientific field that facilitates decision-making in environments focused on new drug development.

Drug Formulation and Analysis

This research axis combines activities related to pharmaceutical technology, physiochemistry, and applied chemistry with the goal to develop bioavailable pharmaceuticals that can exert their action where it is needed.