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Educational Path at the Faculty

In Quebec, aspiring pharmacists must complete the Doctor of Pharmacy undergraduate program (PharmD*)

Upon completion of this program, students may pursue graduate studies if they wish. Graduates can expand their professional training through the Master in Advanced Pharmacology or introduce themselves to research with a Master of Research.

Specialized graduate programs in drug development are also available to applicants holding an undergraduate degree in a relevant field.

Doctoral programs are intended for students looking to be trained as independent researchers and obtain a PhD. The completion of an undergraduate program preparing students for entry to practice in pharmacy is not required.

* The Quebec university system is divided into three academic levels. The first level refers to undergraduate programs, while the second and third levels refer to graduate programs (master’s and PhD).

Comparison to the European LMD System

The Quebec university system differs from the European LMD System. In pharmacy, the License and Master 1 of the LMD System fall into the first level (undergraduate) of the Quebec system.

Academic year

The academic year is divided into three terms. The majority of courses and activities are available in the Fall (end of August to end of December) and Winter (beginning of January to end of April) terms.

For more information on studying in Quebec, please refer to the Bureau des étudiants internationaux’s website.